Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I do not understand this purse. Help?

Volunteering at the Thrift Store, I can go through the barrels of rejected donations: things too damaged to go out on the floor, or things that just didn't sell, for whatever reason.

Most will eventually be exported overseas.
(Every year, the USA exports more than a billion pounds of secondhand clothing and textiles : see "The Afterlife of American Clothes".)

Anyway, I saw a handbag with a neat design. Looking closely, I saw it was a Kate Spade, a name even I recognize. It has a slight (repairable) tear along a seam. I don't carry purses, but for 25 cents, I thought I'd give it to a friend who does.

When I got it home, though, I thought maybe I'd use it myself.
However, I don't really understand its design:
the handle is so short (and it doesn't adjust to extend), the bag bends when you carry anything heavy in it.


I assume this is on purpose?
Anyone out there know?  

Btw, I looked it up--the design is "Noel". I don't know how to tell if it's an original or a knock-off. If it's a copy, someone took a lot of trouble with it---like, the little "feet" on its leather bottom are stamped with the dot noel pattern.

Maybe I'll put a new handle on it, so I can sling it over my shoulder.


The Crow said...

I think it is supposed to be worn over the shoulder at times; so if it folds, it will accommodate the curvature of the body better, enabling a closer fit?

That's my guess.

The Crow said...

Frex, ignore my comment. Obviously the handle is too short to wear over the shoulder right now.

Fresca said...

No, you were right, Crow!
The photos didn't show the relative size---it does fit over my shoulder.

Krista said...

I believe this is what's known as a hobo. The folding/slouching is part of the design.

Krista said...

But if so, it's a very structured hobo. Which would make sense for Kate Spade.

Frex said...

FRESCA (as "Frex") sez:
Well, there ya go; thanks, Krista!

I finally found a photo of my bag when I added "hobo", labelled "Kate Spade Black Dot Noel Signature Canvas Leather Bag Purse Zip Hobo" (on eBay, $59.99).