Monday, October 14, 2013

"Snadgers in Space" Flashcards

Marz has started a new job at a food co-op, and she was saying she needs to learn to recognize many fruits and vegetables. 
So I water-colored these flashcards for her this afternoon.


I learned more than Marz, doing these. (In fact, she said they "weren't useful, thank you so much.") 
Like, I had no idea the rutabaga is a cross between the turnip and the cabbage. Click to read more about this fascinating root vegetable, known as a "snadger" in northeast England and a "neep" in Scotland.


The Crow said...

Your paintings are wonderful, humorous, beautiful.

Please, Fresca...please write and illustrate your own stories - for the children that live within us all.

I watched the documentary about the Moomins' mother, Tove. You are equal to her talent and her delightful, satirical and spot-on view of the world. Wish I could have met her.

bink said...

This totally could be a funny "eat your vegetables" children's book! I don't see how Marz couldn't find these helpful! I know I did! Do more! They are delightful!

Zhoen said...

Not just useless, *perfectly* useless.

Endive rocketships, run on gas I presume.

Fresca said...

CROW: Thanks for your high praise! I do love that you write stories to go with your pictures. I just seem to lack that story-telling impulse.

BINK: Marz said it was CONFUSING to have the space craft associated with the veg.

ZHOEN: Perfectly useless? Talk about high praise! Thanks for that.

Krista said...

Marz, for once, is wrong. I would totally frame these.

poodletail said...

I find the spacecraft associated with the vegetable helpful. "Snadger" and "neep" make this tasty root seem even tastier!

Fresca said...

I was kind of thinking that myself, Krista.

POODLE: A rutbaga by any other name would taste as tasty.
(I don't think I've ever eaten one, actually! Must rectify...)