Monday, October 14, 2013

Sometimes people are laid low.

After a few days of post-completion slump, following turning in my ms, I am feeling up again, but I relish people who know that life is most definitely not all sunshine and moonbeams.
And who retain a sense of absurdity alongside that knowledge.

Like Tove Jansson, Finnish creator of the Moomin:

"He made it through the night but would rather eat his hat
        For breakfast everyday than spend another night like that."

--For Momo

I just came across this doc about Tove Jansson--can't wait to go home and watch it!


momo said...


bink said...

Ahh! I have felt a lot like Toffle lately. Beleaguered and beyond hope... though a bit of rowing might put it right...

Fresca said...

'Tis the beleaguering season, I sense.

Row, binky, row!