Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Introducing Marz's New Blog

Even though I live with the Marzipan, I miss her writing voice, so I am thrilled that after a blog silence of 2+ years, she has launched a new blog: 
Wilderness Garbage Company

Marz and me, jumping at an apple orchard this past weekend:

 And Marz looking all literary...

Other bloggy news: 
Sorry to say, I have turned the word verification back on because I got tired of the spam.


Krista said...

Ah, I see that the young Lord Byron was out for a walk along the hedgrows!

And how much do I love this photo of you two jumping? So much.

Zhoen said...

How happy and jumpy!

I think I know why you need the wv, and I'm good without. I never mention web hot words or brands, stars, treks nor otherwise. Your blog is, in that way, rather catchy.

bink said...

Just want to prove I wasn't a robot again.

Fresca said...

KRISTA: That's it! (Byron)

ZHOEN: Hm... Have you checked your blog's "traffic sources" stats? It's true that lots of my blog's hits come from searches for pop-y things, like Star Trek.

BINK: Oh, give it up! You ARE a robot! And a dear one, too.

Zhoen said...

Yeah, I get a lot of those as well, but the blooger spam catcher gets any comments from them. I tend to ignore that anyway, since I don't have to deal with their droppings.