Monday, April 11, 2011

If Sofia Coppola Made Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This is so good: Ferris as one of those lost-in-space young wanderers of contemporary flicks, like the guy Zach Braff plays in Garden State.
This remix is right up there with the re-do of The Shining trailer. Editing and music make the movie.

The vidder says,"My aim was to make it look more like an indie coming of age film; perhaps the kind of film Sofia Coppola or Godard might make.
...The music is A Slight Return Home by Woodpigeon."


bink said...

Good one.

Qualve is my word verification.

I just qualved by third piece of chocolate.

Rudyinparis said...

Oh, my. I was mostly distracted by how incredibly, unbelievably young Matthew Broderick is!

Fresca said...

BINK: I want some chocolate!

RUDY: No kidding!!! Does that mean we used to be "incredibly, unbelievably young" too?

Jennifer said...

I think what I find fascinating about this one is that, unlike the Shining remix, which turns the story upside-down, this one just tilts it sideways a bit. That is, you actually can kind of see this story in the original--his buddy's issues with his father, for example, while sidelined and played for laughs in the original, are still there and could have been angsty if played differently.

Though I agree with Rudy that I spent a lot of it going "Geeeez, why is Broderick so young?" If I ever happen to see Risky Business again (unlikely), I'll spend the whole movie marveling about how Tom Cruise or so. :)

Fresca said...

JEN: True, Ferris could be remade as an indie flick without totally changing the story.

Unlike "The Shining" as a feel-good dramedy.

Saw a poster? ad? with Broderick on it the other day and thought, you know, he still looks young!
But not THAT young.