Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brain Ain't Gonna Think Anymore

But I need to think, not just transcribe, to do the last bit, and my brain has declared it is done for the day, so I'm heading home.

Before I go, I'd wanted to get a shot of the Starbucks baristas in their distinctive green aprons, but everytime the iCamera went off, they had moved out of sight. (Hence the final duck face.)
Its 14°F outside, and chilly in here.


lauraborealis said...

Your book is going to be great. Better than you think.

femminismo said...

So that is what a duck face looks like. My goodness - 14oF, and I thought 33 was cold. Just got back from the store and I'm roasting cauliflower. Wanted to try it in olive oil with garlic! Cheers, you writer you!

Margaret said...


I just learned how to do that emoticon. Not quite sure how to use it yet, but *_* all the same.

Actually, I think it's for when you see a really smokin' picture of Shatner or someone; you go *_*

I wonder if future-keyboards will have "lol"/"omg"/facial-expression keys!

Anyway, yipee!
I'm having a celebratory orange for you, I am.


momo said...

The last slog! Cue "little engine that could" noises.
I am almost done grading as well, due tomorrow by 4 PM, why did I procrastinate so HARD this weekend, aaahh!

Fresca said...

Bless you, LAURA. I have a secret hope you're right.

FISMO: 33? That's warm! (Actually, in MN, anything in the double digits is OK (if there's no wind), but below that is a drag).
Yum, that roasted cauli sounds great!

MARZ: Hey, I did make that face, and it's just how I felt alright.

Telegraph operators had a code for "smiley face" for when they were chatting with each other over the lines. I don't know what it was...

MOMO: The little engine did!
If we work as hard as we procrastinate, we will always be OK.