Friday, December 31, 2010

K/S: "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve"?

I WISH I could say I made this myself, but it's M'ret's (of smoothable). (M'ret advises it's best to let the whole video load before playing, for maximum smoothability.)

Kirk/Spock - "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" on Vimeo.

M'ret writes:
"Spock wants to know what Jim's doing for New Year's Eve but is - understandably - having trouble spitting it out.
The song is a Verve Remix of Ella Fitzgerald's 'What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?'"

(I, Fresca, love this song, especially Rufus Wainwright's cover.)

Ah, I find I do have the time to compose a brief answer on Kirk's behalf.


Margaret said...

Yeah! You got it!
It being Jim's "I thought you'd never ask."
That's perfect!

femminismo said...

Oh, Jim! Those smoky eyes! That gauzy camera lens. You thought I'd never ask, but now I have, so tell me: What are you doing New Year's Eve? (happy new year, Fresca!)

yvette said...

happy happy new year!

Fresca said...

MARZ: It took me a couple views before I saw how Kirk's waiting for the guy to speak!

FISMO: Smoky eyes... Heh.
I don't care much for parties, so I stayed home on New Year's Eve and washed my bookshelves (surprisingly dirty!) which felt like the perfect way to start afresh.

(My auntie called and said it's a Cuban custom to put your troubles in a bucket of water and throw it out the door. Similar idea.)

YVETTE: To you too!

bink said...

Hey! I had made the first comment... and looking here now it didn't show up! Gyp!

Anyway, Kudos to Margaret... and I don't remember what pithy and insightful thing I originally said.

Fresca said...

Bummer, bink. :(
I'm sure it was super pithy!