Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good morning, pigeons!

Hello, darlings!

I am so happy (SO happy) to be back!
Yup, I turned the rough draft in yesterday.
I've got a bunch of work yet to smoothe it out, but everything is in place.

Even the backmatter (bibliography etc.) is in shape,
because I used what I learned––the hard way––in college:

It's in shape, but I'm not.
I'm going to the gym this morning for the first time in ages ...and I'm going to step on their scale.
I have a gruesome curiosity to see what the damage is--cd almost be a badge of honor.

There's another lesson:

The thing is, 4 months from now, me and my body are going to hit the Camino in Spain, and it sure will be easier to walk 500 miles if I've moved a bit beforehand.
Just to remind myself how it's done.

I used Facebook while I was writing The Book.
I liked it. For a while.
It was nice to take a break and chat, now and again.
But it began to feel like empty calories. I really missed you, my fellow bloggers, who dish up something more substantive.

Anyway, all these calories and all this inactivity lead me to ask,
"Will My Star Trek Uniform Still Fit?"from The Hostess

Now to bundle up and go outside. My jeans are so tight, I can barely squeeze them on over my long underwear.


Rudyinparis said...

Hooray! I am so happy for you! I'm actually feeling a genuine sense of vicarious relief.

Remember that the demands--and enforced Sitting In Chair-ingness--of writing are what led Murakami to running marathons, to combat its effects. Maybe you can run your pilgrimage, if not this year, then the next time?

Another hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Anonymous said...

Hey-Yay! Congratulations baby-sistah-role-model! YOU DID IT!! I think I hate Facebook, but I don't think I have forced myself to use it creatively. Could be a furure endeavor...or not...
If ya ever wanna walk, I'm up for it until I have a paying job that takes away that time.
Just walked for the first time in weeks with Judith to the J and got to be with the Yiddish speakin' elders who were lettin' it rip about socialism and how the state of Israel is f-in' things up. It was such a relief to be surrounded by like-minded souls who've been here so long and haven't been compromised politically!!
I'll call you. Don't forget warm-ups and cool downs and eat ginger and turmeric so you don't inflame from sudden exercise.

Big Smooch!


Jennifer said...

Sulu is looking FABULOUS there, nearly as fabulous as you are, Fresca! Yay for mailing manuscripts off into the big cold world and off your desk!

Fresca said...

RUDY: Yes, but Murukami also said people who don't like to run won't begin to like to run, and that would be me...
Thanks for the hurrah!

STEF: Thanks, dear. I went out for sushi with Laura and ordered extra pickled ginger. YUM!

JEN: You are too kind. :)
But Sulu does look fab, I agree.

ArtSparker said...

Sulu needs to help Chekhov out with his split ends issue.

Lee said...

Good job! This sounds like an interesting read!