Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What are you looking for?

NOTE: Scroll down for puppies.

LEFT: Snape icon from a snapierthanthou (a very old LJ)

Oh, no. I've never added a site meter to my blog because it could trigger obsession. And now Blogger has gone and added a "Stats" tab. (Seems they started in June 2010? But I only recently noticed.)
Sure enough, I'm riveted.

My favorite is checking the search terms. I've even taken to going back into posts that get hit a lot and beefing them up. The Dumbledore slash post [link below], for instance, was pretty paltry, so I added a couple pix.

Here're some of today's Search Keywords.
I've linked them to their respective posts.

pictures of puppies in a box
[This search turns up every day. Kinda gives you hope for humanity. The content of my post is actually about slash, but yup, it's illustrated with puppies in boxes... can't remember why now.]

shelley winters looking fat
[mostly the young SW not looking fat, actually, but there is one of her from The Poseidon Adventure. Still, I didn't add any because, frankly, I didn't like the way they asked the question.]

box of puppies [see above]

grace lee whitney images
[I.e. Janice Rand on Star Trek. Of course I have these, though nothing unusual. So... let's add Grace Lee Whitney in Some Like It Hot (1959), no kidding! via Flattland]

"dumbledore slash" [New and Improved]

"i want to go to berlin"
[Indeed, the exact title of my post, in fact, and, in this case, WYSIWYG.]

"the lives of others" poem
[Another regular. I already knew people searched for this, because it's the only post where people who've found it have thanked me in the comments---something nice about people who like this poem, perhaps? And so I'd beefed it up with some links and pix quite a while ago.]

alaska that big wild good life teeming along the
[The original NBC video of Shatner reciting some of Palin's speech had expired, so I found another one on youTube]

I was amazed, too, at how many pageviews l'astronave gets. As I figured, a dozen-plus-some regularly read my new posts (hi guys!), but hundreds view some old post every day (389 yesterday--- 998 (!) hits on September 16, a day I posted nothing. (Was that a particularly glum day around the world, and everyone stayed in and looked at puppies?)

I cannot credit my fine sensibilities, of course: the post with puppies-in-a-box is the most popular:
2,519 pageviews between June 1 and now.

OK... so I'd better add a puppy in a box here too, in case someone comes looking.
Would a wagon do? These are wire-haired fox terrier pups, via Whatley

Wow--here's a find, from the Tacoma Public Library Image Archive.
Date: ca. 1936 (This puppies-in-a-box thing must be atavistic.)
Description: Five Scottish Terrier puppies in a box on a high-back, winged, over-stuffed leather chair.


Emma J said...

My sentiments exactly about the stats button - too obsessive-making. But I like the puppies in the box.

Fresca said...

EMMA: Yes... stats are one more thing to check and ponder. But there is that fun element too. I'll continue to post the funny search terms as I come across them.
Yay, puppies!

Margaret said...

The adorability of puppies is greater when concentrated into a box(?)

And then there's the kittens.
On the islands.
With WFS.

(someday - some day which will be the beginning of the end - I will learn The Photoshop - for further pursuits of whipped Kirk . . . ion a box! and Shatner.Island.Kitten.)

momo said...

Puppies! in a box!