Thursday, September 30, 2010

Puppies Sleeping

My blog stats show that puppies in a square container (I don't want to skew a google search with a false lead, so I can't say that word that starts with "b" and ends with "x") are super popular. I wonder if puppies sleeping will be too.

These are wire-haired fox terrier puppies sleeping, and shamefully, I don't know the original source. (...of the picture, I mean. Obviously, sleeping puppies are from Jesus, like Sheldon Cooper's intelligence.)


ArtSparker said...

All puppies, all the time.

I may take up the gauntlet, I'd have to weird it up somehow though...

Margaret said...

Somehow they look dead.

(It's the red, maybe, or the stiffness in their limbs.)

The newspaper on the floor - the perpetrator must've read something so distressing ("Bagel Shop to Close Next Month") they went into a hot, blind rage and came back to themselves only too late.

And the one that can't sleep, he/she is clearly in shock from being the sole survivor of the massacre.

Or they sleep.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...did it say"no animals were harmed during the making of..." THE FLY? Are these baby 4-legged extras from the FALL OF THE HOUSE OF TERRIUS or the PUPPIESTEIA... or did they have a crossword marathon and are pooped from writing with tiny little puppy pencils? They remind me of a set of Steif/Steiff? stuffed toys in their stiff and woolly postures! Thanks Fresca and M'ret for something to riff on in the mornin' hours.

Puppy Love!


P. S. Or, perhaps they are simply "blized"? (veriword)

poodletail said...

Sleeping puppies = valium (for me)

Fresca said...

SPARKY: I'd love to see what you do adding paisleys or whatever to, say, Victorian studio portraits of dogs!

MRETS: Good point! puppies sleep with TOTAL ABANDON, so complete it looks like death.

STEF: Hahahahaha! Remember Maura practicing over and over again, in The Making of the Fly, to get Clytemnestra's death fall just right?

POODLE: They are the antithesis of church politics!

Maura said...