Friday, October 1, 2010

Star Trek Ensign Sings the Blues: "Jim Kirk doesn't ever bring me pretty flowers..."

The Ensign's Lament

A mashup, slashup video by our very own genius gal M'ret, of smoothable.

(May run smoothest if you let the whole thing buffer first.)

The Ensign's Lament on Vimeo.

M'ret writes:
"There are some 400 people aboard the Enterprise; I estimate some 200 in love with Captain Kirk.

Clips are from the TOS episode "Obsession".
The song is "Jim" by Billie Holiday."


This fanvid made me scream with laughter.
I always thought that ensign was a total mooncalf... but I've never seen him in a vid before.

I was just talking to someone about why I don't like Harry Potter slash, and among other reasons (tweens aren't my thing), I don't like it because it's not funny (or none I've seen has been--let me know if you know of any). But, for me anyway, humor ripples around the edge of even the sexiest, most serious Star Trek slash.

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momo said...

This made my day! great final shot, especially. My mother used to sing this song to us, but it was Bill not Jim who didn't bring her pretty flowers. Huh.

I must make way way to Margeret's site with my compliments.