Monday, July 5, 2010

"Boléro" on Vuvuzela

Ohgod, this made me laugh! Shades of Monty Python.
(The vuvuzela, as you probably know, is that plastic trumpety thing that's come to the world's attention because fans have been blowing them constantly throughout the World Cup games.)

"Vuvuzela Concert in the Konzerthaus Berlin"

via Three Quarks Daily (there's always something good on this Reader's-Digest-meets-Rushdie-esque filter blog)

...And Ginga Squid sends me "Gandalf Goes to the World Cup; or, The Fellowship of the Vuvuzelas".


Ginga Squid said...

Have you seen/heard this one - Gandalf Goes to The World Cup....
on vuvuzelas

Fresca said...

Silliness reigns!
Thanks--I added the link to the post.

Margaret said...

I was laughing . . . and then I was sort of impressed when they hit that first chord.

Re Monty Python:
I can't remember who said it,
but I'm certain I read it:
(I think it's something James Thurber overheard at a party and then said in an interview)

"American humor treats the remarkable as if it were ordinary, and British humor treats the ordinary as if it were remarkable."

Vuvuzela. Another excellent word.
Pesto Vuvuzela - there's a zesty pen name.

Fresca said...

MRET: I know, they're really good. I googled it but couldn't find out who they were, but I'm guessing actual orchestra members?

insteresting quote about humor, a human undertaking I'm often wondering about.

Pesto Vuvuzela!
I think I will make that to celebrate the last game of the World Cup (July 11).

momo said...

The vuvuzelas in the first video are painted with the German colors, of course!

The Fellowship of the Vuvuzelas reminds me of that Marx Brothers going through customs in Night at the Opera.

Margaret said...

thinking about the quote more . . .

I don't know if that's strictly true as a division of Brit. vs. American humo(u)r, but I think it gets at the root of all humor:

treating things like they're something else.

Miramanee's jealous sister, (jealous because . . . well, KIROK)

Fresca said...

What I'm wondering is, how often did they have to stop filming because everyone was cracking up?
(I mean the vuvuzela orchestra, but also, KIROK!)