Saturday, August 1, 2009

365 - 49: Fly Stuff

Here I am trying out the tailcoat the Fly will wear in her dance scene today.
And to the right, below, and a tableful of stuff I'm gathering this morning, having run out to Walgreens for some last minute props:

4 blank video cassettes.... $ 13.98
2 packs star stickers .... $2.58
metallic safety pins ....$3.79
12 mini Diet Cokes.... $4.69

Somewhere I kept a list of incidental Fly expenses. *shuffles through piles of e-stuff* I think it'd gotten up to about a couple hundred dollars.

"Challenge the Rock"

Filmmaking requires all sorts of things I'm bad at, like asking for money. However, this week I challenged the rock, as Shatner says (vid below), or I took heed of Lee's philosophy that an artist can have afford no shame in begging, and I did my first fundraising. (Other people have helped, but this is the first time I asked someone for money.) When I went to pick up the tailcoats at the art library where I used to work, I ran into GZ, one of my favorite people in the world, and I felt emboldened to ask him for a quarter toward production costs, and he pulled one out of his pocket and handed it over.
So now I've spent $200 - 25 cents on oddments.
I told him I'd make him an Executive Producer in return.
The list of EPs is probably going to be as long as the movie itself, when I count everyone who's done a little something.

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