Friday, July 31, 2009

Captain Kirk Is Climbing a Mountain

The Butt girls posted this, and I can't stop listening to it... even when it's not playing. It's full of what's ridiculous and good about life, including that people bothered to make it at all.
Not anytime soon, you know, but when the time comes, please play it at my funeral. And I'd like everyone to get up and dance.

(Shatner was talking--originally--about directing Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, 1989, the worst of the ST films.)


Jennifer said...

That is way too awesome. Shatner is something of a muse to me right now--a patron saint of gusto, if you will. He hugs life like that mountain, and he's not going to let go if he can help it.

Which reminds me, have you ever seen any Boston Legal? Shatner is rather oddly amazing in it, as a big-shot lawyer dealing with growing old. He's one of those "loveable jerk" types again (I suspect Shatner mostly plays...Shatner).

I saw some discussion on a blog recently where all agreed that although Michael Jackson's death might have been sad, there will be nothing compared to the geek grief when Nimoy and Shatner die.

fresca said...

Die, did you say?
William Shatner die? What?!?
Jen, what are you saying? He can't DIE, can he?

I have never seen a single "Boston Legal"--I must get it on Netflix, which I'll sign up for when I'm back in my own place again (after 8-12). Or maybe it's free online somewhere... I'll check.

"A patron saint of gusto"--that's good.
Hug the mountain!.

Jennifer said...

You know, I'm not actually sure he could do such a thing--although if he ever did it would be with the same sense of gusto and adventure he tackled everything.

Hm, Boston Legal must be around somewhere! I've only seen the first season, so I don't vouch for the whole thing, but I think it's considered to be solid all the way through. Shatner and Spader are really impressive in it--I usually don't find legal dramas the least bit interesting, but mostly the cases illuminate the characters instead of being the focus.