Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Shoot (365- 50)

Some stills from yesterday's shoot.
A child Fly helps with Continuity:
[365 "self-portrait"] My hand directing bink as the Fly (reflected in the bathroom mirror):
Electra watching to make sure Orestes goes off to kill their mother: (Looking at it today, this reminds me of East of Eden.)

Yesterday's shoot was so much fun! Filmmaking, so far, reminds me most of all of being a kid and going over to friends' houses to play.
Except that as an adult, I'm constantly aware of what I'm doing wrong--I don't remember this from childhood. Didn't we just make stuff up as we went along and didn't second-guess ourselves? That's how I remember it. I'd like to get back to that.

This morning I looked up the rules for the 48 Hour Film Project because I definitely want to give it a try next summer. (Teams make 4 -7 minute-long films over one weekend. Registration is $135.)
Want to be on my team?


Rudyinparis said...

I love these images! They look like they're from a real film, my goodness!

Fresca said...

I know! I thought the same thing: OMG, I've created movie stills!
Remember Cindy Sherman, the photographer who took stills of herself as if she was an actor in B-movies (among other things)?

Jennifer said...

Electra and Orestes, awesome! I agree with Rudy, the last picture especially is oddly...cinematic. If I didn't know the neighborhood and actors, I would be tempted to discuss the brilliant use of Midwestern landscaping as a stand-in for Ancient Greece...the grain silos as instantly recognizable landmarks, so jarring and yet so strangely harmonious as a Hellenic re-casting...

Also, baby fly is taking her important job so seriously it makes me want to cuddle her and her adorable wings. :D

fresca said...

Grain elevators are the Ionic capitals of the Midwest, yes indeed!
I know, isn't Girl Fly great? She stayed with us the whole time, gamely trekking through rail yards and everything.