Sunday, March 8, 2009

365 - 3: A View from the Bed


The photographer gets to set the confines of the 365 project, but as I conceive of this self-portrait project for myself, the subject's body (i.e., mine) should be somewhere in the photo, it shouldn't merely be a picture about the subject.

I'm not going to be strict about that, however, and this morning I wanted to record this angle on my life. See, my apartment is so small, to fit guests in, I dragged my mattress (I don't use a bed frame) into the bathroom and rearranged the furniture.
When everyone left, I was so "tired" [Darwi, if you're reading this: the guests--and I--drank all the booze... (but no one looked behind the stove)], I just hauled my bed back in and lay it under the table. I woke up to a different angle on the world, and it was good.

After I took the photo, I realized I am in it: that b&w photo, top left, is me, aged two.


poodletail said...

Great party, Fresca. I expect there's frosting and glitter everywhere, even behind the stove.
P.S. I love my pink Parisian purse.

momo said...

I'm so glad I could make the second shift of the party! thanks for rearranging all your furniture to accomodate us. The pizza was great, I got some cake, and somehow or other I came home with a present.
Happy happy!

PaulD said...

Three days discipline; good new start. Next comes the first day of the rest to follow. Read you tomorrow.

Darwi said...

Well, I'm impressed, I usually take the "day off" morning after party. And you still have a will to do the blog. :D
And thanks for pointing out the partying style. Now I'm sure I just had a bad luck to meet those people first.

fresca said...

The party was lovely--thanks to the guests!
And I did take most of the next day off--but blogging is such a pleasure to me, I didn't even want to skip it.