Monday, March 9, 2009

365 (about)

Whenever I'm researching a country for a geography book, I find it hard to think deeply about other things, and I thought this self-portrait project would be a fun, easy way to continue blogging but keep my brain light.


Now I'm pondering photography. I can't believe how little I've ever thought about it. Of all the fine arts, it is the one to which I have given the least conscious attention--I mean, besides looking at it raptly.

Now I am eager to look again at Nan Goldin, Jo Spence, and the many other photographers who put themselves in the picture. (Funny, the ones I can think of are all women. There must be men too...? Can you think of any?)

[Lists, from a 1959 Diane Arbus notebook]

Because this is freakier and harder than I'd expected, this taking photos of myself. I've rarely used my camera for anything besides snapshots, and this project calls for a level of intentionality I've never risen to before.

Plus, I've already learned how much or how little I can bear to expose myself in words, but this new level and new kind of exposure is somewhat nerve wracking. Even in silly ways, like, look: I skipped scrubbing the bases of the bathroom taps, and now you all know!


PaulD said...

and there you are, yet again -and so, here am I. You're doing it.

But, there seems to be that spot at the one base of the ... never mind.

So, how much or how little can you bear to expose yoursef in words?

For male photographers, one that we have a personal connection with is Michael Crouser. Google him or try him on Facebook. He's from Mpls but, of couse, moved to the bigger apple.

Keep going. You're on to a good -and productive distraction.

fresca said...

*smiles*[ one spot on the base of the tap]

Wow--Michael Crouser's photos of dogs (from his book "Dog Park") are amazing!
Thanks for the tip.
But I don't see that he does self-portraits?

The posts (and ST videos) in this blog are about as personal as I can bear to be--or, in fact, even want to be--writing in public.

momo said...

You're off! a new adventure of imaginative pictures, great writing and fun links for me! thanks.

jspad said...

I found it harder and freakier than I expected too, but I'm really glad I did the 365 thing - it's an adventure. Can't wait to see how your project develops.

(There's a blog all about self portraits you might want to check out, if only for links and names.)

fresca said...

Thanks, Momo.

And 12 Frogs: I'm glad you found it weird to do too--that's oddly encouraging.
Looking at your photos again inspires me. (Plus I realize it was your project, which I found through Krista, that had put this in my mind last year.)