Saturday, March 7, 2009

365 - 2

"Let's start at the very beginning..."

I can see that this "365 Project" will lead to great insights. Already I have discovered how awkward it is to juggle a camera while brushing your teeth: very. I balanced it against the wall, but the photo's still a bit blurry. I guess that's part of the challenge.


PaulD said...

Ok, great. 2 days. I'm going to do what I can to follow your 365. Insights are sure to come, but may be a greater challenge than balancing a camera while brushing teeth (though, there is no doubt that that is a challenge). Write on.

fresca said...

Thanks, Paul!
Which of the blogs on your profile are you writing on currently?
Write on, fellow explorer!
re right, in fact: juggling a camera is the least of the challenges involved.

Anonymous said...

"A very good place to[re]start! When you sing, you begin with...."

I've got such a long way to run and many a note to follow "so/sol"... Teehee!

You look so real and delicious with your limegreen super toothbrush and radiant sunflower golden towel. Is it a towel that you traveled to Europe with? Your self portrait brings to mind Marilyn Monroe and Simone Signoret or someone else equally juicy and prepared for life's journeys as El Capitan, JTK, even upon arising!

Have a request/suggestion, due to my being in the bifocal stage of livin' and how I have to tilt my head upward at and awkward angle for my upper spine to decipher the deep blue lettering on your ASTRONAVE image. If I adjust the angle of the screen so that the letters appear more distinct, I lose the contrast thingy. So, what about a brighter shade of blue or a turquoise, magenta or chartreuse? Just a thought...

Anyway, rock on with your weekend and so glad we're both arrived at our ages! More later, via email!

Love and Kisses!


Annika said...

Aha! Is that one of those extravagant toothbrushes...?
(I'm itching to fill out the Proust Questionnare, planning to do one question a week or so and make my answers the kind of narcissistic essays you can only post on a blog. Thanks for the idea, and for your own interesting answers, of course!)

Also, I have an anecdote you might appreciate: yesterday I was going to show Christoffer the questionnaire. Your motivational calendar caught his attention and his reaction to the Pisces image - "You are loved" - was "Awww! Look, that's you and me! And it's true!" He was very moved, and I was very happy, both for his sentiment and his understanding. (Some day I'll write a narcissistic essay about my Spock identification.)

Speaking of Pisces, I just realised I've probably forgotten a friend's birthday. That's her sign and I'm almost positive that her birthday is in February. Argh.

fresca said...

STEF: Great idea: I have taken your advice about changing the font/color of my blog title, and I think it suits the photo of the galaxy much better, as well as the eyeshight of those of us old enough to remember seeing "The Sound of Music" when it first came out!

ANNIKA: Yep, if you could see the bristle part of the toothbrush, you would see it has space-age protuberances and nodules and the like! Ridiculously expensive (like $4 or more), and I don't believe the design makes any difference, I just love all the bells and whistles.

You made my day telling me that Christoffer related to my "You are loved" image (did he read the small print: "even when you're being difficult"?) How nice that your sweetie understands you and your loves.
That's the favorite of my Movtivational images, which is why I narcissistically gave it to Pisces!

I see a sharp distinction between self-reflection, of course, and narcissism. Which is why you definitely should write about your Spock identitifcation! Self understanding enlightens all around you--narcisissim on the other hand is a black hole, sucking all light and life into it.

Handy-dandy rule of the universe: As long as you wish a person happy birthday while the sun is still in their sign, you're not late!