Monday, October 13, 2008

The Maura Makeover

From my birthday list:
15. Ask for help. (This scares me.)
16. Offer help. (This scares me too.)

Making Orestes and the Fly forces me to do both, big time, and it's wonderful: it's like meeting my friends all over again as their most excellent, brave, and generous selves!

Cathy worked for years as a professional makeup artist, and she agreed to transform Maura into Queen Clytemnestra.

"I got rid of most of my makeup," she said, as she hauled out what looked to me like fishing-tackle boxes.

Maura commented that it helps pass the time if your makeup artist is amusing...

...and if you trust she will not poke out your eye!

Cathy's sure but gentle touch was amazing to watch.

But the actor gets to wield her own torture device. (Naw. It's just an eyelash curler.)

Ruby was sure the peacock feather spray was a new cat toy.

Watching the expert work reminded me of watching Bink paint, when she was working in egg tempera, which requires applying layers and layers of translucent color.

"Putting rouge on your earlobes makes your eyes sparkle more," Cathy told us.

The makeup took almost an hour to apply.

And at the end of the day, after the shoot,
the actress, exhausted from murder, but still gorgeous.


poodletail said...

It felt weird to put so much makeup on Maura, who rarely wears more than a kohl line around her eyes.

It felt even weirder to send her out into the world (the scary North Loop!) wearing all that paint and I felt protective of her.

Nice to see the photos and to learn you're happy with the film.

momo said...

Gorgeous! I enjoy being made up by an expert, say, at a MAC counter; it makes me feel so special,

I missed the part of girl summercamp where we learned to put on makeup and I am always fascinated by people who know how to do it well. Can't wait to see the "during" footage, as well as the "before" and "after shots.

fresca said...

It is such a treat to be handled by an expert!

I hope one day to be an expert with my camera so I can make people look terrific. I too feel sort of "protective" of the people I am working with!