Friday, October 10, 2008

Glove Maker

I watched several episodes of Star Trek (free online) while I sewed one glove for Orestes and the Fly.

I cut up an old Christmas-party shirt of mine for the fabric. A black gardening glove served as the hand-dummy.

In my movie version of the cursed House of Atreus, each time one of them kills a family members, a red glove appears on their hand, which they can't ever take off.

Here is the finished glove.

Is there a word for a glove maker, like milliner for "hatmaker"?
Oh, OK: Webster's says "glover."

I am no glover.
I resorted to stapling the fabric a couple times, and I stabbed myself with the needle. This is what I meant when I said I'm sometimes a bit overwhelmed with everything making my film requires. I don't know how to do half of it.

My glove is very lumpy, but I'm pleased.

It reminds me of Edward Scissorhands, the queen of England, O. J. Simpson, Lady Macbeth, Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver (the one long nail on his little finger), Erich von Stroheim in Grand Illusion, with his white gloves...

Erotic, dangerous, elegant, powerful, tragic. Ridiculous.

A lot of what I'm doing in filmmaking feels like an old fashioned craft.

My Sicilian grandfather, Vincenzo, was a shoemaker, a cobbler, and my Sicilian grandmother, Rosaria, and her family were tailors, lacemakers, seamstresses.

My cousins are accountants and lawyers. One--this kills me--is a global sales manager for a major oil company.

For tomorrow's shoot:
Finish second glove.
Figure out how to attach peacock feather spray in Maura's (Clytemnestra's) hair.
Buy purple (red?) washcloth.
Finish storyboarding shots.

orange/gold fabric; thumb tacks and tape; daggers (real and theater prop); red velvet; gloves; washcloth; pillow and towels; peacock feathers; camera (with batteries, DV film cassettes, electrical cord; microphone); bottled water for actors; wet wipes; picture of Marat dead in the tub; movie notes and storyboards

In the morning:
go with Maura to watch Cathy apply her dramatic makeup.
Shoot "before and after" footage for Making Of.

I need a costumer and a prop manager and a continuity girl and...
And a glover. Except I really liked doing it myself, even if it did take five hours.


bink said...

Great job on the glove!

It's a good thing you are a list maker...

You're doin' fab, you bloody genius you.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Don't know much 'bout hairdos 'n' cosmetology 'n' such, but I do know a little, 'cuz of my girls studying/performing bharatanatyam-- which required me to become a semi-adept stage mom, often improvising on the spot, if some piece or fastening or another got lost or left behind. Keep lots of bobby-pins of the appropriate hair colors around; various sized safety pins; compact, sharp scissors, needles and threads--especially embroidery thread to match hair colors. So, maybe if you buy several metal or plastic hair combs--not the kind for combing hair; the kind for pulling it up or back and holding it in place--and attach them to your peacock feather ornament with embroidery thread and a semi-invisible tape, this could hold. But, if your Maura has to move around a lot, use generous amounts of combs and bobby-pins. Just make sure they're as non-apparent as possible. Apparently, the elaborate up-dos of the upper-class Greek women of ancient times required the artistry and efforts of several others, and many ingenious devices to achieve the desired effect. Keep being your genius self and have fun persisting!



Manfred Allseasons said...

You really should be working in PR for a film company, as you have a skill for building audience anticipation, you hypemaster you...a 'making of' Doc as well? And you'll back in a year or two with a redux cut!

The big question you have a release date yet, hmmm?

Before Christmas maybe??

deanna said...

How'd it go? You are dedicated, there's no denying. The glove looks eery and good.

Sal said...

I love it. Deeply spooky. And you can't say that about many gloves.

fresca said...

The glove fit.
The peacock feathers stayed in Maura's hair.
Allan died like a champ.

But the release date has been moved to "before Easter" because this all takes forever!

fresca said...

P.S. ...and I haven't even gotten to any editing and sound yet!

momo said...

My earlier comment got lost: it looks like it could be worn by the Grinch! Dr. Seuss fingers.

fresca said...

Dr. Seuss!!!
High praise indeed!