Monday, October 13, 2008

Fly Wings

Ram Dass said that when the scales of illusion drop from your eyes, you walk around seeing how beautiful everybody is and you fall in love with absolutely everyone.

Filmmaking is doing that for me.
Everyone is being so open-hearted as they play with this silly film--
from Cathy making up Maura with tender skill [photos below] to Bink, here, putting on her Fly wings in the unrine-soaked alley--their authentic selves shine through.

How can I not fall in love with that?

Of course, I liked these people to start with. Would it work with... say, Mr. Putin?


deanna said...

I can't tell you if it would work with any and everyone, but I like how creative energy seeps into your pores. Great that you have friends to help bring it forth.

fresca said...

I bet if Putin would agree to be in my Fly movie, the creative glow would extend to him too! : )