Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Knitted Daleks, and Rocket Art

I followed a thread I picked up at Dark Roasted Blend: Weird and Wonderful Things, in a post called "Strange Knits and Yarn Monsters," which led me to instructions for knitting Daleks from Entropy House: "Extermaknit". Image from EH too.

(Almost cuter than my own winsome dalek, and definitely cuddlier.)

More geek knitting can be found at Kimberley Chapman, who posts instructions for crafts of all kinds, such as "How to Make an Orc Head Cake" and instructions for knitting Little Dudes, including Star Trek: TNG figures, but not, alas, Little Dudes from the Original Series.

Dark Roasted Blend also posted an Overview of Pulp Art, which led me to the Fantastic Art of Frank R. Paul, and his version of the Fly.

Rebecca'd been wondering what the difference between a rocket ship and a spaceship is, and I said, for me, rocket ships are from the great era of sci-fi pulp art.
This is the sort of stuff I mean.
I love it.

And, look: isn't that a proto-Dalek?

I found all this because last night I was idly browsing through bloggers who list Elling on their profiles' Favorite Movies--only 420 blogs, many of them not in English--which led me to the amusing Pratie Place, who featured DRB's pulp art.

And thus we while away our days, happily pulling on loose threads...


bink said...

The Wonder Story proto-Dalek is riding a trike! And I guess the Wonder Stories by-line "the magazine of prophetic fiction" is true, because Daleks have come into being...though I think they were smart to lose the toilet brush on the head that this proto-Dalek has.

Those knitted Daleks are so cute! So lumpy and bumpy...and much more cuddly than the real Daleks. I would love a whole army of them! And "Extermaknit"--that's cute and clever!

momo said...

those knitted daleks deserve to be submmitted to cute overload! I love playing free association-hypertext with the internet--I wish I had more time for it these days.

deanna said...

I immediately sent the Dalek link to good friends who knit and are Who-crazy. Thanks.

Someday I might title another blog Wonder Stories. Those are what I want to write...:o)

Manfred Allseasons said...

I think the beige Dalek would have a higher pitched voice and be more exciteable...the grey one is the epitome of knitted evil...presuming the Master is unknittable...

Sorry you've been ill, by the way, nice to see you back!

fresca said...

Wonder Stories and Prophetic Fiction --isn't that great stuff?

I am tempted to learn to knit, I tell you, so I can make an army of these guys.
And put them on tiny trikes!

Sal said...

Only vaguely related, but your words and photos made me think: Our girl Karin Jacobson makes gorgeous rocket and sci-fi inspired jewelry, and friend Sean Tubridy has a series of robot art that will crack you up. Both are in the NKB, just feet from Mike's studio! Maybe come to Art Attack in a few weeks for further fun and inspiration?

LP said...

Oh. My. Freaking. God. Knitted. Daleks. OMG. OMG.

fresca said...

Sal: I do admire Karin's rocket ship jewelry.

Pen: Will we see a whole knitted army?