Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Libra!

We're heading out of Libra in a couple days, but today is Maura's birthday and she's a full-blown Libra: 
her passion for justice balances a childlike playfulness.

Libra's colors are pink, green, and lavender, and their flower is the rose, so here's a birthday bouquet along those lines. I photographed it at the Farmers Market this week.

The roses are actually decorative cabbages.
Isn't there something Libra-ish about a beautiful bouquet you can recycle as soup?
And Libra gets a bouquet of stars too:
this is the Globular Cluster NGC 5897, class XI, in the constellation of Libra, which otherwise "contains little more than a scattering of faint galaxies."

A scattering of faint galaxies.
I love how poetic science can be, when written in words.


Rudyinparis said...

I find Globular Cluster to be particularly lyrical...

fresca said...

Ha! Too right!

bink said...

Love the gorgeous cabbages!

deanna said...

Yes, beautiful rosy cabbages. I hope your cheeks are rosy with health, and thanks for the tips on lipstick and money.

Maura said...

Fcheska darling---duh---I did't catch it when you sent me the email with the photo of the bouquet that you'd actually made a blog posting about Libra! You're a dear---thank you for your love and friendship:)

fresca said...

Lipstick, money, and cabbages!

Maura: No, thank YOU!