Thursday, October 9, 2008

Atonement + Absolution

Sally alerted me to this video, Mankind Is No Island, posted on Songy's blog, Style Discovery.

Songy writes: "This short film, winner of Tropfest NY 2008... was shot with mobile phone(s) by Australian blokes with a total budget of less than $60 AUD. Story matters. Technology and money do not."

This fits my mood today.
As I prepare to shoot the Death of Agamemnon on Saturday I see that I have been, honestly, a bit overwhelmed with all that moviemaking requires. It's a lot!
I wanted to gobble it all up at once, it's so good.

This movie reminds me that moviemaking is instead a matter of taking small bites and breaks for digestion--it must have taken the filmmakers a long time to find and shoot and edit together the words, for instance.
I'm learning to pace myself better on this project. Then I get to enjoy each bite more! instead of rushing to get on to the next one.

This video also fits because today is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Maybe it's my Mediterranean blood that relates to the High Holy Days of Judaism? Whatever. The need for atonement makes sense to me. And what better atonement than practicing compassion, which is what this video is all about.

It's also about listening and seeing each other.
In improv class, the teacher (who did say some helpful things) said that listening is the key skill in improv acting and that it starts with eye contact.

Listening also requires shutting up.
I am a rampant interrupter. Some of that is ebullience, which is great. Some of it is disregard, which I am willing to try to transform. Again.

Finally, the video reminds me to keep it simple. Money and special effects would not have improved this movie.

Yom Kippur is heavy lifting; but it ends in absolution, which sets down the lead weights. Basically it frees us to get out there, try again, fresh start, start where you are.
All good things.

As the Velveteen Rabbi writes in her Yom Kippur prayer, posted below,
"Transform our suffering into gladness."


bink said...

Nice movie. Though I can't help thinking the budget is a bit understated... unless one guy live in New York, and the other in Sidney and they mailed the cell phone back and forth. :) Not to nitpick though... it's a very moving little film.

fresca said...

My budget doesn't reflect the real, whole cost of my little movie either--like I didn't add in the cost of the camcorder.
In the one accounting class I took, I learned there's a way to figure all that stuff in, but it was always beyond me.
It's a miracle I passed that class!

deanna said...

Thanks for the reminders of what Yom Kippur signifies - a very deep need, and I think there is a good god who fills it. It'll be cool to see.

I'll watch the video when I get more time to peruse blogs - I'm ever behind right now, but things will slow when they do, and in the meantime I'll check in here whenever possible.

fresca said...

I agree, the need to face and say who we really are, even (especially) our wounded and wounding parts is a deep human need.

Catching up on blogs after 2 weeks away must be a mammoth task!

Songy said...

How's your moving making going?

I hope you're getting all creative vibes with the cooler weather approaching.

Just checking technorati and this page showed up. :)

Thanks for the shoutout.