Friday, September 19, 2008

Joop, by Steiff

Per Poodletail.

These are vintage Steiff terriers, from US-Zone Germany.
(They sold for $350 according to the Toy Auction site I found them on.)

Joop's the one in the middle.

Excuse me now, I have to go work on my storyboards.


bink said...

It is Joop! They channelled him before he was born. It reminds me of when he was a puppy, and sitting very still at a garage sale, and people literally thought he was a cute stuffed toy for sale.

Sal said...

Too right! It's him, I know it, and I've only met him once. Amazing that vintage toys can get so flippin' spendy.

fresca said...

They cost almost as much as a real live dog.

momo said...

Hey, check out these dog + toy dog photos at CuteOverload:

fresca said...

That's an amazing line up of dogs and their look-alike toys!