Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Dream of Derek

Derek Jacobi, that is.

Last night I was up late writing a rough draft of the Fly story.
When I went to sleep, I dreamed I was watching what I'd written staged as a play--and the lead was Derek Jacobi!
(You know? He played the Roman emperor Claudius in I, Claudius.)

He was terrific, though he wasn't in fly costume, and he didn't tap dance.
I'd write and ask him if he'd like to play the role, but it's promised to Bink (whose birthday it is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

I'm trying to decide what to do with Orestes at the end of my movie, and in this dream version, he dies.
Watching it, I thought, oh no! That's not the right resolution.

I hope I keep dreaming through the other options--so handy!

Serendipity of the Day:
Looking for a picture of Jacobi, I learned he was in an episode of Dr. Who: "Utopia," pictured here.
Later I'll post a photo of the Dr. Who inspired gift I am making for Bink--I don't want her to see it yet, if she should happen to look at her computer this morning. (Though I think she'll have better things to do on her birthday.)


momo said...

I loved I, Claudius!! Serendipity, serendipity!

Anonymous said...

I remember loving it, too. Tho' I only remember it vaguely; we called it I, Clav-divs, to be teenage smart-ass academics. Now, I'll haveta look up that Dr. Who episode. I remember having a "crunch" on Jacobi in his more recent role as the monk, Cadfhaiol (sp?!?), which we used to watch on Ch. 2 in the "90's with the girls. Jacobi, wise medicine, medieval herb gardens, murder plots, and occasional leprous characters--what more could one ask for?!..

Love and wishing for better variety of programming on current local public t.v. programming!


fresca said...

Serendipity Strikes Again:
Last night at L&M's after Bink's birthday cake, I looked at their Netflix and it was Dr. Who DVD with THIS episode on it! (Series 3, episode 11, 2007)

Turns out it's part 1 of a very good 3-part story, and we watched the whole thing, until the wee hours.
No Daleks, but lots of emoting and angst.
When did Dr. Who get so Buffy-like?