Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fly Heads in Process

Bink, the Fly to be.

Applying the first layers of papier-mache: strips of newspaper dipped in a paste of floury water.

Flour paste, it turns out, is very tasty for terriers!

Joop hung around under the table, waiting for drops to lick up, and at the end of the day, clumps of flour were stuck in his hair. Luckily he is due for a hair cut soon.


Jennifer said...

This all looks like such amazing fun! Go you! Go Joop! :)

poodletail said...

Flour clumps aside, this is my favorite Joop 'do.

Steiff could sell a million "Joop" units.

fresca said...

That dog just slays me.

This is going to be soooo much fun!
(Heck , it is already).

Jen: If you were in town, we could use you too!

Anonymous said...

Hey! didn't see this post til just now--6:30 a. m. on Friday. But, speaking of...edible things, I was laying awake at some wee-er hour of this morn'thinkin' that it might be good if you invested in a couple of really huge plastic storage boxes to keep out mice, once your papier mache props and costume bits've dried--in case of older buildings and MICE. I was also wondering about natural stuff, like essential oils, that you could throw into the mix to repel vermin, since poisons are icky and now I see Joop is on the scene. Perhaps Bink knows some ancient stage craft formulae for this. I'm wasted so I'm back to bed for a littl. Carry on y'all!



Manfred Allseasons said...
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Manfred Allseasons said...

If those...things...are going to be compound eyes, this film will be terrifying..

But Sartre, Dancing and Clytemenstra? Its money in the bank! Cant wait.

fresca said...

Stef: Bink DID mention mice, so I think she has some cunning plan...
That cracks me up that you were thinking about this in sleepless hours!

Manfred: Right! That's what I thought. Sartre, Dancing, Clytemnestra-- and the Fly? Why hasn't this been done before?!?

Anonymous said...

WHY?!?! Cuz this whole thing has been waiting for you to unleash it! We are so lucky to have you share your process, mouse-turds or NOT and all!

Oh, I know some mint essential oils and possibly the dried plants repel mice. I can look it up later and let you know if you need me to.