Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Winsome Dalek

It's Bink's birthday today.
We've known each other twenty-seven years. In the middle bit, we were partners. I remember watching Doctor Who with her way back when, on her little b&w TV. 

To launch our new movie-making partnership, I made her this Dalek: Happy Birthday Bink!!!

The dalek is mobile: its base is a toy race car.
I used a funnel for it head; its body is cardboard covered in Asian gold joss paper; the arms are car parts I found in the alley; and the bosses and eyes are candy buttons (which I can't recommend: they melt in glue and slide all over the surface they are supposed to be sticking to). 
Also blue tape, rubber bands, and glue.

Maybe there are some people who don't know what a dalek is supposed to look like?
Just in case, here's a photo of one.

They come in different models, but none of them are winsome.
Yet there's something adorable about them, like wacked-out cousins of Robby the Robot, even though all they ever want to do is "Exterminate."

[Knitted Daleks here.]


momo said...

This is so awesome! Will the dalek have a role in Les mouches do Broadway?

fresca said...

Great idea, but to tell the truth, this dalek is not really performance-ready. It is just a wee bit unbalanced and fragile, so I think it needs to stay safe at home with people who treat it tenderly.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, what a wonderful gift to the deserving and lucky Bink! happy Happy Day to her!
Could a homespun baby Dalek not be perched amidst a jumble of eclectic tschotschkes upon a madcap Greek feminist academic's desk in some galaxy somewhere?

Love and Creative Anticipation and Bubblings-Over!


Manfred Allseasons said...

Its almost as camp as a real Dalek...and seems to have a sports car, not bad...

I've heard of the casting couch amongst you Hollywood types, but a 27 year relationship to land the lead in your new movie?? worked!

fresca said...

Jelly-babies, anyone?

bink said...

This dalek IS unbelievably cute. Like "the fly" I think it secretly wants to be Fred Astaire. It does like to say "exterminate, exterminate" too it is a real dalek.