Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 3, morning: Military Men

Coffee at Fortuna coffee bar again this morning, in the Las Vegas Hilton lobby.
I notice one of the U.S. Air Force guys reading a book and surreptitiously snap his photo, catching half my laptop on the left....

Because I am a little bit shy with people in uniforms. However, a couple people come up to this young man (he seems to be a teenager still)--and I hear one woman say, "Thank you for serving." The guy quietly says, "Thanks." He's reading some sort of sci-fi/fantasty world book.

Men in green air-force jumpsuits also walk through the lobby, and at first I thought his guy, below, having coffee near me, was one of them. Then I see the insignia on his blue jumpsuit is from Enterprise, the last of the Star Trek series, but set in time before Kirk and Spock's time.

I didn't hesitate to ask this guy for a photo, even though he's in uniform, because, hey, Star Trek.
But I didn't check the photo afterwards, so all you get is this bad photo of him with his eyes closed. But you get the idea. He tells me, yeah, the jumpsuits are modeled on real military uniforms.


poodletail said...

I like that his eyes are closed. It looks like he's having a moment of Star Trek Bliss.

fresca said...

You know, now that I look at it again after 16 hours, I see what you mean! And this guy really did go around all day looking pretty blissed out. Today featured the Enterprise "boys"--a trio of the sort of men who go rock-climbing and talk proudly about their toddlers.