Sunday, July 20, 2008

The New Kids

Here are the new teasers for Star Trek XI (from Trekcore).


Deanna said...

Well, well. They look interesting. Now there will be all these tantalizing glimpses for all these months, but I guess they do the trick. I want to see it.

Jennifer said...

I don't think I can quite wrap my brain around the fact that Spock is played by the same guy who plays the brain-eating psychopath Sylar in Heroes. He's a great actor, but it's causing me severe emotional whiplash every time I see him. "Ahhhhhhh! Run! It's--oh, it's Spock?"

fresca said...

I didn't think I cared about the new movie, though of course I planned on going to see it as soon as it opened, but with the tantalizing glimpses, now I'm all agitated about it.
Advertising WORKS!

And, oh geez, I better watch some episodes of "Heroes" on DVD before I go to the Las Vegas ST con in 2 weeks--some of the TOS cast are in it too. They and the "new Spock" (Zachary Quinto, I think?) are going to be there!