Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Favorite Library User: Mark Mallman

What is it with all these musicians popping up in my life?
The other night, after I saw Sal's wonderful Stella for Star perform, I was drinking beer at Bad Waitress and I ran into a lovely guy I haven't seen in about ten years--Mark Mallman:

This is his official video, "Tell Me How a Man Gets Close to You."

I know Mark from when he was a student about 16 years ago, coming into the art college library where I worked nights. In fact, I only half-recognized him out of the corner of my eye because his hair is a different color. When I said that to him, he said, "So is yours."
Ha! Yes, indeed, it's gray.

Even back when, you could see he was an unalloyed soul with enough rocket fuel and sanity --defined by me as the ability to use (or not use) punctuation judiciously when you rant--to keep him from ending up with a day job.
(I can think of about three students out of those thirteen years who had that. God knows *I* don't have the energy to be a genius.)

As Mark quotes on his mySpace Music page:

"I came into this world, a puzzled panther, wanting to be caged. But something stood in the way, I was never quite tamed" - Darby Crash (the Germs)


Sal said...

HAHA, no WAY! I didn't know you were friends with Mallman. He's awesome. A local luminary, even.

fresca said...

Worlds collide.