Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Interessante Capitano!"

Ah, just what I always suspected: Spock is really Italian.
A vidder from Rome presents here all the times Spock says "Fascinating"--in Italian! And it sounds better, too. If you go to her site [click on the youTube icon on the vid] she lists all the Italian names of the episodes, which is kind of fun.

I've also been chatting a bit with an Italian vidder from Florence who put together "star trek e la presa vulcaniana di Spock", aka Spock's Vulcan nerve pinch (but the clips are in English).


momo said...

The whole way that dubbing changes the character is "molto interessante". Not to hear Nimoy's very particular voice is so bizarre. Now I will have to look for Star Trek in Spanish.

bink said...

I thought Italian Kirk sounded the most like English speaking Kirk.

fresca said...

I just thought these were a hoot--and I'd love to hear them in other languages too.

As you see in a later post, Anna Francesca gave me two translations for "Beam Me Up, Scotty," formal and familiar, which I thought raised such an interesting point--who speaks to whom in which form, and when.
Adds all sorts of possibilities for flavoring relationships (like when Spock calls Kirk "Jim.")