Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can we say, "Trekkie"?

I keep getting e-mail updates from the Star Trek-Las Vegas people, who just sent a list of people who will sign autographs at the con (not for free, either). They are all, like:
"played Crewman seen sweeping the floor in episode 63."

But here's the thing--I got all excited by THIS one:
BOBBY E. CLARK – Gorn captain from the original Star Trek series; also performed stunts on multiple TV shows over the past 50 years!

I'm going to check the couch cushions for spare change.


Jennifer said...

When we worked at St. Cloud State, one of the speech teachers in the same department as us was--honest to Dog--Bruce Hyde, also known as Lt. Kevin Riley of "I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen" fame from "The Naked Time" and "The Conscience of the King." I could never bring myself to ask for his autograph, although he was a great guy--gruff and funny.

I would sit in department meetings and marvel that thanks to this job, I was officially one degree of separation from Leonard Nimoy! Whoo!

Meeting the Gorn Captain sounds awesome, and I love that you've commemmorated the moment with your very own motivational poster. :)

fresca said...

Lt. Riley at St. Cloud State---how the mighty have fallen... I mean, he was far more than "crewman who bites the dust." I thought he was going to become a space pirate!

But that's an example of what H. B. Stowe talks about--after a peak event, we have to keep on living, or earning a living

Or, as Zen has it,
"After the ecstasy, the laundry."

[True enough, but I imagine to Mr. Hyde those Star Trek stints were just a couple hack jobs, at the time.]

When I'm in Las Vegas I hope to tour the Hoover Dam, and I was thinking that seeing that famous public work I've only seen pictures of will be rather like seeing Leonard Nimoy in person--I know they both exist, but they don't really feel real to me.

I'm glad you approve of my poster. : )