Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beauty Tip

I just made my first "demotivational poster" at DIY Despair's Parody Motivator Generator, which is even easier to use than LOLcats.
(This is the Gorn captain I mention below.)
(Yes, I really am doing this at 4:11 a.m. Also configuring a new blogroll with Blogger's new RSS-y list: I like it.)


Anonymous said...

How is it that almost everything you do with yr blog and when you do it somehow seems to coincide with a tiny or great big chunk o' junk that I'm dealing with in my little 'hood on the planet?!! Last night, I stayed up real late--('tho' not as late as you!)--reading a novel that Jim found at Halfprice, that he says is "interessante!", called "a Conspiracy of Paper". I'm trying to gobbler it up when Jim's not reading it. It's set in 18th-century London, the main protagonist is a Sefardic Jewish ex-boxer; the plot reels around brothels, coffee houses, alleyways, docks and the stock market. After just having finished reading "Five Plants That Changed the World" and "The Sparrow", and re-reading in bits and pieces Jack Weatherford's "Indian Givers", my bookworld adventures and background research for our performance in 2 weeks all seem I just pushed myself so late out of bed and dashed to the keyboard to see what you were up to BEFORE I brushed my stinky teeth, which I really needed to do and said need had morphed into part of a dream theme and I woke up...suddenly here is your anti-motivational hilarity! AIYeeee!! Now I can put off oral hygiene for a few more minutes and laugh about it!



Deanna said...

I'm going for the toothbrush right now. (I loved that episode as a kid - scary!) The new blog listy thing is neat, too.

fresca said...

It occurs to me I should e-mail this to my dental hygenist!

Deanna: Huh, yeah-- that episode is kinda scary.
I didn't watch ST until I was 13, so I was a little too old to find it scary, but it's still one of my favorites.

Stef: I think we are the same person. Except not. : )

binky gorn said...

And don't forget to floss!

Manfred Allseasons said...

Good one...!

But how do the Gorn keep their reading glasses on, with ears like that?

Now there's a business opportunity - publishing large print books on the Gorn home world...

fresca said...

Oh, I think they just hook their glasses onto the ridges on the back of their heads.

I wonder what printed matter looks like for beings who have those multi-part eyes, like flies.

bink (the gorn expert) said...

The Gorn are too vain to wear glasses. Besides worrying about their looks, they also worry that if they show a sign of weakness or aging by wearing glasses they will end up at Uncle Arthur's BBQ--on the menu. Survival of the fittest and all that.

While known for their fine cusine (their fly larva gelato IS summertime refreshment), the Gorn are not known for being sentimental, so if you are deemed a more fitting gastronomical goodie than guest, so be it.

While this poster is obviously a public service announcement, it should be noted that many Gorn are very particular in the care of their teeth and spend hours brushing and filing them to get just the right menacing glint that make Gorn guys and gals so movie-star handsome.

fresca said...

I stand corrected. Totally. Please don't barbecue me.

ddip said...

Aaaaah, I LOVE this! I went straight to the site and created two posters of my own, but $#@!, I fell right into motivational speak. Didn't realize it was so hard to break the mold!