Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cats Sleep in the Day

...So they can bother you at night.
This is The Pink Cat, one of the cats I am housesitting--an affectionate cat who does that thing cats do:
when you are asleep (or trying to be), they come and stand on top of you.

I wrote to Sister, who knows about cats and lives with three, including her cat Miko, asking about this.

She responded:
"Only the Love Nut cats do that. The Pinkster and Miko, for example.
I find it soooo calming to have a cat standing on me because it usually leads to them lying down and falling asleep on you, which is even better.

"Also, have you noticed another thing about cats: they only get up close and personal when you
(a) have your eyes closed, or
(b) are looking the other way."

Naturally. Cats are Vulcans, even the Love Nut ones.


Sal said...

Hahaha. Well, cats are nocturnal. I think domestic cats get a little confused by the schedules their humans keep, but their instincts to be awake at night are strong. And to stand on top of you and make YOU be awake at night, too. We don't let our cats sleep on the bed because it would be nonstop playtime and we're light sleepers. Makes me a little sad, but better rested.

Eye contact is a dominance thing for most species, so it makes sense that cats would investigate you closely only when you're avoiding direct eye contact.

Simon has feline acne. How sad is THAT?

fresca said...

I have considered shutting the bedroom door so the cat can't stand on me, but as you say, it's a little sad, and I really don't have to get up early in the morning just so I can watch more youTube...

Darn. So it's not that cats're Vulcans that they avoid eye contact, eh?

Cat acne?!?