Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cat & Co.

The Pink Cat is gaining in my favor. She's been dozing next to me tonight as I hack my way through a ms. more dreadful than usual (even allowing generous accomodation for Sturgeon's Law: the ”90 percent of everything is crap” dictum of sci-fi writer Theodore Sturgeon).

It's almost midnight now, so Pink Cat is getting active, preparing to save me soon from that human mistake of trying to sleep at night. For we must remain vigilant: there may be bugs on the ceiling!

(Anyone who would like to explain to me what cats think they're doing when they bat at the walls, please do. Or what cats think they're doing, period.)


ddip said...

Wow, how does the Pinkster even get up that high? especially considering how, um, pudgy she is? that makes me love her more, I do admit.

As for Cat Vision, I think they have x-ray capabilities because our cats--all three of them--see things on the staircase in our house that we simply can't. I've come to believe that there is a ghost in the stairway, because it's not just that one of the three cats sees something there. They ALL see the same thing at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Cats have incredible imagination, otherwise how could this intelligent, royal, and disdaining creature have such fun playing with TOY mice, shoelaces, plastic ties from the bread package, and a multitude of other mundane objects.

Of course they know the difference, but their vivid imaginations take them places and make it possible for them to elevate or imagine things we mortal humans can only dream about.

Using a metaphor: cats have found the philosophers' stone.