Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's with the Whipped Cream?

I am housesitting a wonderful big old house for two weeks, full of books and music and art and plants and cats. So of course I am being very literary and artistic and working on my novel and...
Um, well, no. In fact, I am sitting around watching Kirk/Spock slash on youTube. And just found this fluff with a whipped cream theme. Bink, have you been watching silly, naughty videos on youTube? Or is there just something about Kirk/Spock that suggests whipped cream?

I also found the source for "screencaps"--still photos of the TV shows, such as the author (author?)--mortmere used here), from TrekCore.com:
Kirk/Spock: The Prize (or, The Whipped Cream Maneuver).

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Ye Gods!!!