Sunday, January 29, 2023

"I'm Rich, You're Poor: Home Library"

This Tik Tokker, ShabazSays, cracks me up--today his reaction series "I'm Rich, You're Poor" features a home library--
it's about 15 seconds, here,

I don't know how to embed IGs--this is a screencap:


Ms. Moon said...

He is adorable.

Linda Sue said...

Books to the ceiling! The ones at the top are likely forgotten, unreachable- the ones on the bed stand- now we're talking. Book hoarding is an especially good thing as we spend more time at home, no toxic telly.There are so many free options here, book shops on every corner with free piles not to mention the little "take or trade"libraries on every street. Books in abundance but some might argue that there are none worth reading. Who are those people, ones who cawwnt read?

Linda Sue said...

Thank you for finding him, i have watched them all, because -I have money.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud, Linda Sue. I’m just jealous. Why? because I’m a povvo. 😂

Linda Sue said...

have a day off!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor people don’t get a day off.
Because we’re poor.
😆 —Fresca