Saturday, December 3, 2022

Window Indicators

This morning it's 4ºF/-15C. In very cold weather, moisture condenses on the inside of my windows. I've let the landlord know, and he says he'll come put weatherstripping on or something. (Best ever home-owner I've rented from...)

I got the handblown glass thingamabobs at the thrift store. (Do I even need to say this? Ninety percent of everything I own came from the store.) They're small--a little taller than a thumb.

Below are a couple of window indicators on old, electric waffle irons. I love them so much, I think about buying the machines, just to look at them. But they're big.

I'm not going to work today. I don't want to travel in the cold, and I don't really want to be there (hm...), and there haven't been many donations, so I can take a break.

I'm going to see if I can put together a Girlette Calendar for 2023.
I started putting one together back in October, but since I'd been without a camera/phone for several months in 2022, I didn't have enough great photos.
Now I've taken a lot more, I'll see if there's enough for a calendar.


Anonymous said...

the colors in the blown glass things are stunning. i wonder what they will look like with bright summer sun through them!!

old appliances are so fun!!!

girlette calendar -- yes, yes, yes!!

even the places here are low on donations which is so interesting this year--have people reached the limit of stuff to donate or are they trying to sell it themselves.


Ms. Moon said...

Despite the fact that I do not work at a thrift store, probably at LEAST fifty percent of the things in my house come from one. Or another.
Definitely the best things.

gz said...

Beautiful glass thingamabobs ❤️
I have put special cling film over the inside of our windows at do it on the frame so that 1. There is a gap so it's like double glazing and 2. If it is an opening window you don't cling film it shut!
Double sided sticky tape goes on the frame and the film sticks to that. Then you are supposed to use a hairdryer to gently warm the film so it is taught..but I don't have one and it is still ok!
We shop in thrift/charity/op/secondhand shops all the time...home or away!!

Bink said...

Comments are back!

Fresca said...

KIRSTEN: In the west window, they will get so hot in the summer sun, I fear they will melt!
I've gotcha down for a calendar!

MS MOON: Yay for thrift stores! Me too--even when I didn't work or volunteer at them, I got my stuff there--or from the alleys here, which are often full of stuff.

GZ: Thanks, yeah, that plastic wrap is great, but the home owner said he doesn't want any sticky stuff on the painted wood or walls.
It's true that the sticky stuff is so strong, it pulled paint off the windowsills in my old place... T
he windows are new, but they obviously need some more sealing. At least he's willing to come do that.

Thrift stores in other cities are so fun to check out!

BINK: Well, this wasn't a personal post, so I didn't feel so touchy, and opened comments up, for now.