Saturday, December 3, 2022

2023 Girlette Calendar: "Let's Hold Hands"

I've finished the 2023 Girlette calendar: Let's Hold Hands.
(Title inspired in part by Toy Story 3, when the toys are trapped on a conveyor belt leading into an incinerator, and they reach out for one another's hands (here on youtube.)

Please let me know if you want one.

I only charge cost, but the printer, Mixbook, even with a bulk discount, is still kinda pricey--and more this year, like everything else.
But they've printed the past two calendars so nicely, I'm sticking with them.

Each calendar is $19 + USPO media mail = $25 TOTAL.
(Overseas, forgeddaboutit!)
You can pay me on paypal, or mail me a check. I'm late this year, but the calendars should still get to you by January 1, 2023, but maybe not by Xmas.

If you told me you wanted one but now you don't, that's fine--no hurt feelings or anything!

Here are all the months below. I didn't have a camera/phone for the first few months of 2022, so I didn't have as many photos to choose from, but there are lots of little photos in the day-by-day boxes too.
The calendars are square, 12" x 12"--same as full-size commercial calendars.

The cover photo and other shots of Big Water are at Lake Superior. (The mini-waterfall is in a local park.)


Anonymous said...

yes, please!!


Fresca said...

KIRSTEN! Thanks, I'm glad you like the calendar and want one!

Ms. Moon said...

Oh yes, please.
Shall I give you my address here or in an email or what? I will be sending you a check.

Linda Sue said...

Oh man, that looks amazing and you put it together in such a fever- hotter than a pepper sprout! I think I already said yes please and I may have paypalled you already, I can not remember but knew I wanted one ages ago. LOVE love love -the one I have will never go away. Maybe someday I will have enough of them to paper a room and wouldn't that be grand!!!
Yet again, well done, San Franciso!

Michael Leddy said...


Fresca said...

Thanks, all! The girlettes are chuffed that you like their pictures.
MS MOON, I will email you at the e-address on your blog.