Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Right to Bear Arms (& Legs)

 St Lucy Bear is armed again!

BELOW: You can see the bright fur-graft onto her eye (left), and the wool patch at her arm hole, where the bright fur was taken.
Those are the original cardboard discs--they are her movable joints—I replaced their wicked cotter pins with plastic-covered wire:

I restuffed her with kapok---you can see it sticking out, above---it's the seed fluff of the tropical ceiba tree, like milkweed fluff.
Kapok was commonly used to stuff toys before WWII. During the war, this lightweight, waterproof material was needed to stuff life vests for sailors and pilots.

HOORAY! (Legs to follow.)


Linda Sue said...

genius restoration of a lovely little bear, Saint Lucy. That is a lot of fiddly work and use of good eye sight. Fabulous job.

River said...

She looks happier already :)

bink said...

St. Lucy bear can see again! And not just divine sight (which she always had).