Friday, February 26, 2021

Bee-Bright Bear

A couple-few years after buying this old mohair bear, St. Lucy Bear, on eBay, I'm finally getting around to restoring her.
Taking out the killer cotter pins was the biggest impediment.

I'm surprised to see after a bath how bee-bright yellow-orange she was (visible at her joints).

In pieces--those discs are her joints:

Why we have child safety laws:

 Stitching on Lucy's  (velvet) paw. I'm touched when I come across evidence of a person before me:

Bathing in mild soap:

Dry again! (Eyes just set in place--fabric behind needs reinforcing).

Lots of work to do yet!


Linda Sue said...

surgery is rarely pretty. Bear looks to be doing just fine though, carry on. Will be great to see her finished in good nick!

Michael Leddy said...

Fresca, I didn’t realize the cookie would be in the sidebar next to your bear.

bink said...

Such a pretty bear! She's going to be SO glad to be fresh, clean, and stuffed!

Fresca said...

LINDA SUE: But she does look cleaner, anyway! :)

MICHAEL: that's adorable---your cookie looks like my bear. "Only connect."

BINK: Isn't she a darling? Yes, she's already happy, happy, happy to get the layer of dirt off.

River said...

She's going to be so beautiful once she recovers from all the surgery.