Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Smoke and Sides

I was too tired to post last night---I'd gone out to dinner at a local smokehouse with a couple friends from Chicago days (Lucinda and I lived there thirty years ago) who now live in Forth Worth. Wonderful to meet people you haven't seen in decades and fall into conversation like falling into a swimming pool...

At the smokehouse, you order at a counter, and a guy hand-slices your order off slabs of roasted meat lying on a big table in front of the wood-burning oven. 

I took his advice and got brisket. He wrapped four slices in butcher paper, along with two pieces of soft white bread. 
If I lived here, I would eat nothing but this beef.
It was too ugly to photograph, but the sides are pretty:

I woke up this morning smelling of smoke. I wore my only nice top to dinner, so I'll just have to walk around smelling delicious at the library convention this afternoon.

Before & after:


The Crow said...

Oh, I am so...well, not envious, exactly, but something close. I have to disagree that properly smoked brisket is too ugly to photograph; not that it ever stayed on my trays long enough to be photographed.

I hope Texas treats you well. They're off to a good start with some good barbecue.

Fresca said...

CROW: A food photographer could do brisket justice, but in my photo, it looked gray & unappetizing, which was a total injustice to the glorious truth of it! As you know. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Texas barbecue. So where did you eat?

I lived in Fort Worth for 20 years so am familiar with the ones in FW less than the ones in Dallas.

And yes, brisket never looks that good in photos!!


Fresca said...

KIRSTEN: It's the Lockhart Smokehouse BBQ in the Bishops Art District in Dallas--near my bnb.

Anonymous said...


Oh you lucky person!! Central Texas does have some of the best barbecue around. I had to research Lockhart Smokehouse. It sounds like one of the small markets my dad used to take me to around San Marcos. The little markets make the best sausage in that area.

It looks like that use wood to smoke with which is the best way to barbecue which is probably why your clothes smell!! Just think you can drive the other attendees hungry with the smell!!

Bink said...

I love that you will smell delicious for your talk...on sanitation.

Ling.Lass said...

I love the piled up wood behind you in the photo. It proves this smoker oven was the real thing! And I know first hand that those were locally brewed Blood and Honey ales. Come back again soon, and we'll try Heim barbecue in Fort Worth!