Friday, April 13, 2018

"She's here! She's here!"

"I hear the mail!!!"                                 

"She's here!"
"Let ME carry it!"

"I'll open it! Let me do it! 
She's my friend!"

"Oh!!! I know this doll!" *
                  \ "Penny Cooper!"        /"Red Hair Girl!"
"IT'S YOU!!!"

"Your hair's just the same!"
[Ed. Red Hair Girl has given a spear ^ to Penny Cooper,
in case she feels nervous with all the bears around.]

"You'll like it here. Stuff falls out of the sky."

[Ed. No kidding--that's hail on the porch: 
it's hailing right now, and a snow storm is predicted.
 Penny Cooper is not used to weather extremes, so after going outside, the dolls wrap up in bed with walnuts for a snack.]

"So... then what happened?"

 *Ed. Penny Cooper and Red Hair Girl are of different makes: you can see Penny Cooper's right hand is curved, for grasping things (like spears). 
But they say that they were together in a "big rocking box", and, after all, I suppose they know best.


bink said...

I can see now that you are never going to pry these two apart, and you are definitely going to be the third wheel, in this relationship--at least from the start. They look very happy! The photos of RHG getting the package are delightful.

Anonymous said...

An exciting development!

Michael Leddy said...

Very charming!

The Crow said...

A heartwarming reunion! Everyone needs a friend.

gz said...


Fresca said...

Thanks, everybody!
I could never have predicted this development, but there ya go--life's like that.