Friday, April 13, 2018

"Clean As You Go" (Needle Books & Lost Dolls)

I. Space Age Needle-Books

I was sorting a batch of vintage sewing ephemera yesterday at SVDP, and there was this STELLAR needle book, above,
 with what looks like the Deep Space 9 space station (Star Trek: DS9). 

I have two other space needle-books of the same type (mid-century, made in Japan), RIGHT:
but this futuristic one I never even knew existed.

I sorted the sewing notions into 25 grab bags, which I priced around a couple bucks each––once again proving what freedom there is in being a volunteer:
when I worked at Goodwill for $10/hour, they wouldn't let workers sort and price donations like these;
it wasn't financially worthwhile.  

Sewing notions naturally don't come into the store nice and neat--they come in old tins and baskets filled with snarls of threads, loose razor blades, stubs of pencils, old Band-aids, etc.

I've seen workers turn a sewing basket upside down over a dumpster, saving only the basket to sell. That happens even at places like SVDP unless some volunteer cares to sort it. 
That would be me.
I could have set up some beautiful photos, before I put the notions into reflective plastic---but as it is, I spent 6 hours putting these packets together. 
(The color pictures--owl, house, roses--are the covers of needle books--I put them in spread open, so shoppers can see the needle spreads on the other side.)

II. Are Toys Falling from the Sky, Or Is It Just Me?

As I was leaving SVDP yesterday, there was Julia, shopping.
I'm glad we ran into each other because the last time we talked, we'd had a misunderstanding about eco-terrorism: I'd mistakenly thought she said it was a good idea (I don't!); 
whereas yesterday she explained she doesn't either: she'd meant it was an understandable idea. 

(Yes, I, too, totally get how people can become so upset, care so deeply, and feel so powerless about something that they resort to terrorism.)

Thrift is dirty and dusty work--I am always parched afterward--and Julia and I went to the crowded brewery nearby
As we sat at the table that runs along the window, someone threw two dolls on the sidewalk outside. 
We didn't see it happen, we just noticed the dolls splayed naked on the ground when a curious passerby stopped by them, looking up into the sky as if they'd fallen from there. 
(I guess they came from a passing car?)

It was a little disturbing, so I went out and picked them up (below, left) and set them up, chatting to each other, on a brewery table (right, still too cold for humans to sit outside).
Julia took my photo through the window.
(How 'bout that "Clean As You Go" sign with the cute robot on the bus-stop shelter?)

Shortly afterward, the bartender went out to take their photos:


bink said...

Love the Space themed needle books! So cool!

deanna said...

I don't have time/strength to comment on all your latest cool things but had to mention I've been up in the Seattle Space Needle many times. Hadn't realized there are various other sorts! As always, following your good deeds with toys and notions with enjoyment! Thanks.

Frex said...

BINK: The space ones are the only ones I kept from my own collection--decided the others could go back out--gave them to SVDP for this sale.

DEANNA: Hey, there,
There's a lot to comment on--I appreciate you leaving any comment, thanks!
I'm envious: I've never even been to Seattle--would love to go up in the needle.

Anonymous said...

I love love love vintage sewing ephemera especially needle books. Always gravitate to bags of them at estate sales. Sewing especially hand sewing seems to have gone out of vogue for a lot of people.

When I was in junior high we (females) were required to take home economics. In the first year we had to make an apron but were not allowed to use scissors to cut the fabric so it was made from pieces we tore from fabric. I think in that class we also embroidered huck towels. In another year the home ec class focused on cooking. I remember we made a flour/baking powder mix much like Bisquick to make stuff from.