Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Red Hair Girl Makes Friends

I had Red Hair Girl out on the table during my book signing (the publisher gave away 40 of my fandom books), and the very last person showed me she had toys in her bag: 
Here's RHG shaking hands with Arwen (Lord of the Rings), while Jillian from Ghostbusters stands by.
 This woman's tattoos are all from an illustrated version of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, so I told her about my fanvid of Capt Kirk set to "I Sing the Body Electric" (from 2010).

I need to get out more in general, in my life; I'm used to being alone, & entirely comfortable with it, but when I'm around people, I light up. I need that. I wouldn't want to do it all day (no, no, no), but I do have a lot of fun--and get meaning from--connecting, and in person.

And now I'm off to my panel about my toilet book. 
And then... what shall I have for dinner? I'm not hungry (surprise, surprise) but I have to do more culinary research!


Bink said...

Hope your talk went well! Looks like you are having fun and meeting all the right people/toys. I am salivating at the thought of the Texas treats you could have for dinner.

Fresca said...

Thanks, bink, it did go very well---I had a lot of fun and the audience seemed engaged.
For dinner I chose a white box wine bar--a glass of cab and a cheese plate. Felt like home. Needed something calm, I guess.
But for dessert, I got a pint of local cheap ice cream, Blue Bell, at the CVS. Pecan!
I told the young cashier that we don't have that brand in Mpls, and she said, "I feel sorry for you."

When I told the bnb owner (he's from Hawaii), he said, "That's a very Texas thing to say."