Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Did you know toy photography is a thing?

I didn't know Toy Photography was a thing, did you?

I mean, I knew some people photographed toys, but not that it was so big--some of it professional, even--until I went looking a few weeks back, having fallen into it backward (photographing my own toys, just because).
Here's a round-up on Pinterest

There's more Star Wars, LEGO, and Marvel & DC toy photography than I need,  personally, 
but I wish I'd known, I'd have featured it in the visual arts chapter my Fandom book.

For instance, the astonishing "Secret Life Of Superhero Toys, By Edy Hardjo" shows superheroes in everyday situations, like,
 right, the Hulk repairing his pants.  > > >

Last night I came across a hilarious article "Toy Photography Yoga"
Shelly Corbett documents the poses of toy photographers (including herself)--some of which I've twisted myself into too. 

My favorites are photos of photographers in public:
"Nothing says 'I could care less what you think of me' than lying down in a public space, arms outstretched, taking a photo of toys."
 Here's "Sphinx Pose with Leg Variation":
 Caption: I don’t think Ant Man knows what to think of all this toy photography yoga.

The article is from the blog Toy Photography: A Resource For Toy Photographers, which obviously I must read more. They have competitions and stuff, and a podcast. Also, they meet up and go on toy safaris. Hm.


Mortmere said...

I know now that knew about it, but I didn't know it was a thing! I've seen some amazing Star Wars stuff (and, come to think of it, a little less artistically ambitious Starsky & Hutch and Star Trek doll photography, too :) ). These "Stormtrooper 365" photos are great and genuinely funny: https://www.flickr.com/photos/st3f4n/albums/72157616350171741/with/4484321227/

Fresca said...

Hi, Mortmere!
When I think about it, I must have known too, but only out of the side of my eye, as it were.

And I'd forgotten I DID write about doll photography, of a sort, in the Fandom book:
I included fan who made vines (she saved them off that now sadly defunct site)--7-second (or was it 6?) vids recapping with dolls every single episode of the old X-Files.
Like those S & H doll pics!

Thanks for the link to the wonderful Stormtroopers---was just listening to a podcast of a woman who says she loves to photograph them specifically because they are expressionless, like a blank screen---you can project onto them.

And of course, there's your travlin' Reggie!