Monday, March 12, 2018

Thrift Is Thirsty Work

Dusty and dry. Luckily SVDP is just a few blocks from a local brewery, which serves tacos.

At the thrift store I bought an old book:
Minnesota Farmers' Diaries: William R. Brown, 1845-46; Mitchell Y. Jackson, 1852-63, Saint Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, 1939.

These are the texts of actual diaries from what was the frontier era of the midwest.

I like reading about the coming of spring. One hundred & sixty years ago on March 21, 1858, Jackson writes:
 after a week of Spring it is a little cool to day   We commenced plowing on Wednesday 17 on Alexanders low prairie  Find the ground full wet but stick to it.  and he & I togather have plowed about 10 acres.  On Friday we were greeted by our old friends the Robbins and larks mixed with Geese Ducks & Blackbirds  The Snow birds mostly disappeared the day before.  So that if we are not to have Spring early the birds are to be disappointed as well as ourselves
I would note that it's sunny and warm (40º F), with heaps of snow all around. But the roads are dry, and I rode my new bike for the first time since I'd biked it home from the bike shop 10 days ago. 

I saw my first Robbin of the spring at a community garden on the sunny north side of the path.


Anonymous said...

The Diaries book sounds very interesting. I have recently gotten into books of letters from authors. At the library last week I found a copy of Steinbeck's book of letters he wrote while writing East of Eden. Every morning before writing East of Eden, he would longhand write a letter to his editor. Also a copy of Anton Chekov letters.

Robins showed up here a few weeks ago in NH along with cardinals. Although this morning they are quiet with all of the wind and blowing snow. Just read that robins do not migrate from NH! Even if they don't migrate, they are always one of the first signs of spring.


Fresca said...

Hi, Kirsten!
I enjoyed flipping through the farmers diaries, though they're mostly about farming, so nowhere near as personal as letters, they include other notes too--the declining health of a child, the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, etc.

That's interesting NH is warm enough to host robins year round. NO WAY here in MN! Always happy to see them again.