Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sputnik, Out & About

Some shapes that remind me of Sputnik

Above: A kind of sea urchin Salenocidaris hastigera (dried), a Salenioida.
I wasn't sure, but sea urchins are animals, related to starfish. 

 Above: This is not an image of a Sputnik Virophage ("virus-eater")--it is an electron micrograph of the giant Mimivirus that the Sputnik virophage infects. 

Above: Backstrap Weaving (w/ a deceptively simple loom made of sticks, an ancient technology from Peru (and other places)) in process by Laverne Waddington. Her blog: backstrapweaving.wordpress.com

Above: Red Hair Girl standing on the star map inlaid on the terrazzo floor at Hoover Dam [info on dam artwork]

Word origin of Sputnik:
from Russian, literally: fellow traveller, from s- with + put path + -nik suffix indicating agent


bink said...

Cool photos! That backstrap weaving is amazing--I can't even wrap my head around how those complex patterns are woven. I can barely draw such a pattern...but to weave them? I throw up my hands in wonder and awe!

Fresca said...

I feel the same! I was staring at that loom wondering how ever you plan it out plus execute it... Amazing.