Saturday, March 17, 2018


At lunch for my birthday last week, my sister gave me 3 limes she'd picked in California, in a shiny see-through bag. 
Red Hair Girl had come along to lunch--she was feeling destabilized after learning she had a relative called Madeline--and she immediately claimed the bag as a diaphanous ball gown. 
I had scissors with me, so I cut the bottom open––and here we are, glowing in the sun.
(My hair! It's so white!)

Now I'm off to go buy poster-boards with Lucinda, to make posters for next Saturday's March for Our Lives (March 24). 
The kids will march and are asking the adults to meet them for the rally at the State Capitol. This white-haired person is fine not doing the march part--(I always found marches tedious)--happy to hand it over: YOUR TURN, Kids!

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